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May 8, 2011

Using The Internet To Sell Politics

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Technology has moved on in most peoples lives and it relates to politics as well. Political parties know to the extent that potential voters use the internet to research policies, backgrounds and all the information they need to decide what party to support. Most large parties will now employ a seo company to handle their promotion of their policies through the internet beyond their own websites. They would be looking for articles to be published right across the web and then to be found through searches on Google. Any good seo company like fokm would know, that people search for what is important to them, not just say the party name.

Take for example, someone wanting to know which party will support students, it is likely that people will use Google to find that particular search term rather than scrolling through all the political sites. If you multiply tis across all the concerns of the voters, you realise how much promotion you can gain by ensuring your message is found on third party sites, or on yours. bearing in mind that the tabloids tend to be biased to one party and TV marketing is expensive and regulated, then the internet becomes the best way of delivering the political message and possibly the cheapest.

The Day America Got Their Man

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Never in recent years has there been so much joy and celebration over the death of one man. The reality may be that Osama Bin Laden not longer makes the main decisions regarding the terrorism against the western world, but there is no doubt the perception of this man and what he stood for affected the lives of millions around the world either directly or indirectly.   President Obama made is a priority to get the man after his predecessor George Bush, decided that one man was not important enough, the result is 2 years into administration he got his man and the relief of America. that it was “USA forces” that took him out , was demonstrated with celebrations on the street. Even the Republicans offered praise, sealing the respect from even the most critical of opponents.

From a political point of view, President Obama’s popularity has soared after some had   thought he had no backbone, now they have been proved wrong when decisions that mark his Presidency could have gone so wrong. This during a week where he had to prove he had been born in America, by providing his birth certificate, this type of conflict could only happen in America, where personal opinion is often more important than the work that is done for the voter. After celebration comes criticism when the stories of what actually happened when the forces went on to get him changed, although now as much change as the media has made out, as they altered some of the speech.

September 23, 2010

The Week The Pope Visited Our Shores

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They say religion and politics shouldn’t mix, but inevitably they do, especially in a period of time where security is paramount and other extremist religions pay a big part in world terror. So to expect that this weeks visit by the Poe to the shores of the UK, would be like the previous one in 1981 was a bit too optimistic. Those who were permitted to see the Pope live in the venues around the UK, had to plan well in advance and in most cases would only get entry if form a specific Parish, arriving in designated busses, often leaving and travelling though the early hours to arrive well in advance of the Pope’s attendance.

The days where people arrived on trains or drove down the motorway and put them selves up in their motor homes waiting in anticipating of a glimpse of the Pope has clearly gone, again the political worries of attack paramount to our leaders. What would happen if anything were to occur on British soil, it would be in the history books forever and serious questions would need to be answered. So the solution is overkill, make it too hard for anyone to get though, including pretty much everyone.

The early bus journeys, would have probably prevented many elderly and the very young from attending, yet no mention of this when the news reports suggested less people had turned out to see the Pope than 30 years ago. then we had the customary speech by the Prime minister, who you just felt was there for political reasons rather than religious, sometimes you wonder if the event should be big enough without the Prime Minister stating his views. Anyway another 30 years to the next visit, by then it will be even cheaper to fly and see him at the Vatican anyway.

August 29, 2010

Coalition Now Passed Honeymoon Period

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It was surprisingly easy for David Cameron to get very friendly with Nick Clegg and form a coalition, using the Lib Dem votes to form a government.  Possibly it was electyion weariness that little objection has occurred considering the huge change in politics since the formation. For example those who voted LIb Dem, don’t seem to have objected to the fact they were responsible for putting David Cameron in Number 10, or that at the next election it is likely that many voters will just not use the middleman and vote directly for the Conservatives.  Labour have been quiet, very clever really knowing just to let this period blow over and when conference season starts soon, let it all out after they have voted for their own leader first.

Currently David Cameron is on holiday and his wife ha just had another baby, we congratulate them so Nick Clegg is at the helm supporting the issues he so vigorously fought against in those what must be laughable TV debates only months ago.  Businesses up and down the country are worried about a double dip recession, for travel agents, with some of them going bust this summer, to builders like Permissions who have just reported good profits for the beginning of the year suggesting some sort of property recovery, to those industries based around the property market like the supplier of composite doors and garden stiff like block paving at paving quotes.

What wed o know is that pretty much what we though we were voting for is not happening, even conservative voters are accepting responses that the economy is worse than even they thought. Do hang on for the ride, my money is on another government next time round.

June 23, 2010

George Osborne Delivers The Emergency Budget

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As MR George Osborne stood at the front door of number 10 holding that traditional briefcase up the media we knew there would be a budget to talk about for some years to come. The conservatives made this a budget to reduce the UK’s national deficit and stated this was would be hard but fair. As the press toady write about how impressive his stance is, or how the latest cuts and VAT rise would form a second dip in the economy, you know that this is either a very clever man or a fool waiting to fall.

With President Obama suggesting to the world leaders, that cutting spending too quickly could cause a second recession (something Gordon brown was keen to promote) and other financial experts agreeing, the coalition have decided just to go for it now, not waiting for things to level out more.  The biggest announcement was that VAT would rise from 17.5% to 20%, there were some rumbles in the house of commons when this was mentioned, but considering this was something Labour were going to do anyway, no one rally could complain. As this will happen in January next year, it may be a good Christmas for many retailers as people buy early to avoid the VAT rise. On saying that, the previous Vat drop to stimulate the economy by Gordon brown, didn’t seem to make any impact, so there is also an argument, that 2 1.2% added may have the same effect as being taken away.

Then we start talking about the public sector and how just about all departments will have to make 25% reductions in costs and that there will be a pay freeze on most public sector workers for the next 3 years.  How will this go down?  Well considering that many workers were expecting to lose their jobs or at least compete for them, this may not get as much criticism as in different times.

The Liberal Democrats are in uproar over the immediate VAT rise, claiming this is not what they voted for at the last election and that they are in bed with the Conservatives. It is true that some jobs were created to accommodate these Liberal politicians, an argument that will not go away and will probably get worse.  Is this budget there will be more news and old news than normal.

May 8, 2010

Balanced Parliament Looking Likely For The UK

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President Obama has said he is looking forward to working with the new Prime Minister of the UK the morning after the election has closed.  But Britain faces something it has not done so since 1974 a hung parliament where no outright winner was elected. the magic number was 326 seats for outright majority, with the conservatives getting the highest vote with 308 seats, bit enough to seal victory.

The result is the Conservatives are trying to do a deal with the Lib Dems, to see if they can create some sort of coalition government, with agreed  shared policies. If this is agreed, Nick Clegg will achieved more than any other Lib Den leader has in nearly 100 years, even though he lost seats this election. Labour also wants to deal, but knows it needs to wait to see if the talks between the conservatives and Lib Dems falls down first before they move. This is probably Gordon Brown’s last chance of staying in number 10, and many cannot see how the conservatives and even the LIb Dems would want this to happen, even though the Lib Dems policies are closer to Labour’s than the Conservatives.

In the meantime we all sit and ait and wonder what the future of Britain will be. It will not match what anyone voted for, as every party will be make concessions.

Small businesses will be also waiting, not wanting to commit to large purchases or marketing campaigns until they know he mapped out political future.  Take a small company such as Global Door. They rely very much on the housing and DIY market, to sell their range of composite doors. Currently they do not know if interest rates will rise this year or next and can only wait and hope the political decisions help small businesses to cripples them in order to pay back the national debt.  This does not just stay at composite doors, but also the motoring sector where businesses want to know if there is enough confidence after any coalition in the business sector to buy high ticket items such as a new vehicle, or even commit to company vehicles such as leasebam.

Time will tell, but how long? Will this process take for ever, will every decision take forever? It didn’t work in 1974, so should it work now? Or is it a safer bet to have more than one party governing, ensuring all decisions are safe ones in this financial unstable time?

May 2, 2010

UK Election May 2010 all about managing the UK Economy; and why UK Accountants should perhaps play a more active role in politics.

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Three major uk polical parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats have different approaches to managing the UK Deficit.

In 2009 the UK posted a UK Government deficit of £159.2 billion, equivalent to over 11% of UK GDP. One might be lulled into a false sense of security thinking that this is a sustainable debt considering we are in the grips of the deepest recession since 1920’s.

However any good accountant in the UK accountantnow will know, and be happy to tell you, that (by December 2009) the UK Government debt reached in excess of £950 billion, equivalent to more than 68% UK GDP. The figures don’t make such good reading, which is why accountants are good people to have around in business. They can make sense of what is really happening. UK Accountants will also tell you about impending consequences, and in this case are much more likely to do so that UK Politicians (who act as if they don’t know). perhaps Uk Accountants should play a more active part in UK politics since politics is almost always about the economy and Government spending. Is this not the case in US Politics, and the election of President Obama into the White House in 2009.

In the UK’s case, the Maastricht Treaty sets limits on deficit and debt  to 60 per cent for all EU countries, including the UK. This means that the UK is in default. Assessment is on a financial year basis and data was passed to the E.U. Commission at the end of March 2010. It is still inclear what the final consequences of the UK default will be. It will surely put the UK’s all important AAA credit rating in jeopardy. It is this error that could cloud how Gordon Brown’s time in charge as UK Prime Minister may be judged, and gives ammunition and power to the COnservatives argument of severe cuts in public spending to bring the UK Deficit into line.

UK Elections A Close Thing

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The conclusions being made by the media and polls is that we are heading for a hung parliament with no clear majority within the UK elections. Gordon Brown is trailing third, but compared to his popularity last year, the figure are better with conservatives a clear favourite last year, not not sure whether they will win with enough majority, if the polls are to believed.

The new thing for 2010 has the televised debates that has got the people of the UK talking and has radically changed the Lib Dems’ chances, as Nick Clegg’s popularity rose massively after the first debate. It raises the question of whether the main voters will vote for someone they like, or for their policies in their manifesto.

The economy is the key theme this year, with Labour saying it is too early to make massive change and the conservatives wanting to do more earlier and with the current problems in Greece, his argument may be getting through more.

But the details of the parties manifestos, seem to be lost in the media scrum for likeability of the comments Mr brown made about Mrs. Duffy, that appears to have hurt him in the media eyes, but not in the polls.

The problem with the manifestos (all of them), is that they are just too general. If we take an industry such as car manufacturing that has just been through (and is possibly is still in ) the worst downturn ever, there is not clear words of what each party will do to help this industry. The success in car buying relates to the factories, car showrooms the UK contract hire companies like leasebam, not to mention the related car parts and accessory businesses.

This has not been singled out as the worst but just as an example, that most people do not feel they are being represented within these manifestos, as they are just too general and created to create a dream of a wonderful Britain, when in reality most people are more interested in their families future and success.

So here to Thursdays elections and lets see if the vote goes to nice people, someone who insults his voters or a party that was miles ahead a year ago and now is looking to just be the majority in a hung parliament.

December 5, 2009

Address Of Obama

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You can read the full address here a link from Face book.

Organizing For America

Obama and 30000 Troops

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The honeymoon period of Obama may be over as he has now decided to send and extra 30,000 troops to afghanistan with apromise than in 18 months troops will be comming back home.

It is huge gamble based on information that with right numbers, the war can be won although everyine has an opinion of what will be decided as a win. The TV camera went out to the USA citizens with some claiming they though Obama was for peace not war and they felt a bit cheated. However whether these were carefully chosen people to get the drama of the news or the general opinion of the masses we still don’t know.

What we do know is that comming home without any achievement will leave the critics open to say all lives lost in Afghanistan would have been for nothing and Obama needs to achieve to go down in history as a great President. A difficult decison with no supporters either way.

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